My Very Chilly Weekend in Copenhagen

So, whilst Amy was experiencing some great British culture in The Cotswolds, I was experiencing something slightly different in a very chilly Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, famous for the Tivoli Gardens, its open sandwiches and very cobbled streets. It’s fair to say Copenhagen is an extremely urban city with the happiest and most friendly locals I’ve ever seen!

I spent a weekend in Copenhagen with my family and boyfriend for my mum’s birthday, and what a fantastic time we had! We stayed in the centre of the capital, only a five-minute walk from the central station, in a very modern, contemporary apartment, which suited the six of us perfectly.


After a short flight and train journey, we arrived at our apartment late Friday afternoon, so we decided to head out to explore the local area before finding somewhere delicious to eat. Our first meal in Copenhagen was in a small restaurant located on the same road as our apartment and the central station. The menus are small with not as many options as you might find in a nice restaurant in England, but the options were so mouth-watering that you were still left questioning your meal choices whilst ordering! My mum and me opted for pork served with apple mash, whilst the men in my family went for the biggest burger ever seen by any of us.

There’s a rumour that it’s expensive in Copenhagen – and this I can vouch for! The food prices aren’t too unreasonable, however it is the alcohol that leaves a hole in your pocket, with a standard sized mojito costing the equivalent of just over £12. The meal was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect as there was live music performed by some very charismatic Danish men!

After a delicious fry up in our apartment (with insanely tasty bacon) we ventured out to explore Copenhagen, braving the very cold weather conditions. One tourist attraction that we would have loved to have the chance to visit was the Tivoli Gardens, which is one of the oldest and most popular theme parks in Europe. Unfortunately, the park is closed for several weeks during the winter, but we had a look at the famous, traditional wooden rollercoaster from outside.

One of the most famous landmarks in Copenhagen is the statue of The Little Mermaid, inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy-tale about a mermaid who risks everything to be with a young, handsome prince who lives on land. Every morning and evening she would swim to the surface where she would perch on her rock, waiting to catch a glimpse of her Prince. So, like many other tourists we joined the queue and waited our turn to take our selfie with the bronze Mermaid.


If you’ve ever seen pictures of Copenhagen (or watched Pitch Perfect 2), you might have noticed the beautiful and very picturesque row of coloured houses and boats that is located on the northern side of Nyhavn. The houses are over 300 years old, and we had the delight of having lunch in one of the restaurants located nearby. This was where we tried the very traditional lunch of Smørrebrød (that’s an open sandwich to me and you!) – which is a truly unique Danish food experience.


The next tourist attraction ticked off our list was the Round House, known as Rundetaarn. This is a 17th Century tower located in the centre of Copenhagen and after walking all the way up to the top you could will find yourself looking over the city of Copenhagen.


The final place that we visited in Copenhagen was Experimentarium City, which has enough activities to satisfy adults and children for hours! Since there was six of us, we teamed up and participated in the challenges, which involved dance competitions (similar to the Just Dance Wii game), obstacle races, balance and jumping competitions and much more! There was something for everyone, and after we had tired ourselves out – we headed to the airport, which was full of well-known brands, before catching our flight home.

I would definitely recommend Copenhagen – it is a great place if you’re thinking of taking a city break somewhere!

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Bills x



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