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Hello again! I hope you’ve had a lovely Monday! (As good as Mondays can be!)

Recently I went on a day trip to Brighton joined by my sister, my boyfriend ( Kiwi) and a very good friend of mine who I work with ( Australian ).The two travellers were yet to check out Brighton so before my sister went back to school ( as a teacher ) we decided to have a little road trip.

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Sun, Sea and Sangria!

Rather than spending my Easter in a miserable, raining England eating chocolate eggs, I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks out in the sunny Gran Canaria tanning myself, eating tapas and drinking (quite a few) cocktails!

To me, the gorgeous Island is my second home as I have been there near enough every year of my life because my parents own a timeshare in Maspalomas. We flew out on Easter Friday after Jack had come home from university and I had finished work to meet my family on the other side. After a delayed flight and a belly full of food, we were of up into the sky.

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Barcelona Trip

So recently my boyfriend and I ( Amy ) jetted off to Barcelona for a few days.

On the 29th March, the alarm went off at 3:30am to catch the 7am flight to Barcelona. Feeling very tired and sorry for ourselves we dragged ourselves out of bed and drove down to Luton Airport where we parked the car and then caught the flight. The flight on the way there was very painless apart from nearly falling asleep and then being woken up by something or other, every, single, time.

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My Oily Skin Secrets

Over the years, I’ve tried hundreds of skincare products which all promise to do the one thing I wanted them to do – help prevent excess oil throughout the day. During this time, I envied those with a matte complexion who didn’t need to apply powder to their t-zone 3 times a day – however after much experimenting – I’ve found the products to help my makeup stay on and keep my shine at bay!

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My Very Chilly Weekend in Copenhagen

So, whilst Amy was experiencing some great British culture in The Cotswolds, I was experiencing something slightly different in a very chilly Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, famous for the Tivoli Gardens, its open sandwiches and very cobbled streets. It’s fair to say Copenhagen is an extremely urban city with the happiest and most friendly locals I’ve ever seen!

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