Trip Away To The Cotswolds

Hey there!

So this is mine (Amy’s) first ever individually written blog post, so here goes.
Just for the record, I am not, by any means, a grammar, punctuation and English goddess, therefore please excuse any horrendous mistakes.
After the Christmas rush of working in hospitality, me and my boyfriend decided to take a relaxing couple of days away in the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds is known for its natural beauty and we can definitely vouch for that! We stayed in a small little village called Bourton On The Water which was about an hour and 45 minute drive from my house.

So after driving up many hills and pot hole covered country roads, we arrived at our cute little hotel.
We stayed in the ‘Old Manse Hotel’ which suited our needs for our three day get away.
The first day we got there we checked into the hotel, chucked our bags down and set out to explore. Taken back by how naturally gorgeous this village was, we walked round and stumbled across the ‘Model Village’. One of Bourton’s and the Cotswolds most well known attractions. It is a small size replica of Bourton on the Water which has been an icon in the village since the 18th Century. It was lovely to walk around and see the whole of the village in a small scale, enabling you to see all that Bourton has to offer.
Next we carried on down the river and came across ‘Birdlands’, a bird park ( dur! )
Everyday at 2:30, the penguins get fed, and we were lucky enough to be just in time to watch this. Watching the small penguins eat a MASSIVE fish, WHOLE, was a very surreal experience.  After walking round the whole park, seeing many strange,ugly and funny looking animals, we decided to head back to the hotel to have a chill out for a couple of hours.
We set out that night for dinner and a few drinks in a local pub called the Knightsbridge Inn, where we indulged in a typical English Cottage Pie and a Steak and Ale Pie.
On day 2, we spent most of the morning having a walk around the back streets on Bourton, as we had only explored the main high street the day before. After walking around for a while and becoming very cold, we stopped in the cutest little cafe ‘Bakery On The Water’. Rated Trip Advisors No.1 place to visit in Bourton. Whilst there I Ordered a Ham baguette and a Tea ( I’m very plain), and Jake ordered a Ham, Egg and Cheese Baguette with freshly squeezed orange juice.
This cafe is individually run and owned and has been going for many years. It was a lovely way to fill our bellies and stay warm for a short while.
After this we decided to head to the ‘Cotswolds Wildlife and Safari Park’. I can safely say this was the BEST safari park i have ever been too ( And I have been to many). There was every single animal you can think of, but the best part that struck me was how much land ALL of the animals had to roam around. I cannot stand seeing all of the animal pens being stuck right next to each other and this certainly was not the case in this park. Highlight has to be being not even a meter away from a Lion ( He was behind the glass ) and thinking any minute now he is going to break that glass and I’m in for it. After walking around the whole park and being generally amazed by it all, we headed back to the hotel. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera incase of it bring eaten by a Wolf or something, but you can see footage in the youtube video linked below.
That night we ate dinner in a lovely pub called the ‘Mousetrap inn’. Jake having Duck Leg and me with Sausage and Mash. ( Told You )
Waking up knowing it was our last morning was sad, however we managed to get up and out of the hotel by 11am, as this was check out. We decided to head to Cheltenham after parking in the biggest multi-storey car park known to man, we had a walk around the centre and after not being that impressed decided to head home. Whilst driving home it took us through Warwick. Me and Jake had never been to Warwick and decided to stop of in the castle. After paying £6 to park your car and £18 to get into the castle, feeling slightly ripped off we walked up the hill to enter the castle. As soon as you enter the grounds you can see why they charge so much, the grounds are huge, and everything looks immaculate. No words could describe how much I loved this castle. I am not a massive history fan at all and usually wouldn’t be so interested but Warwick castle made it so interesting. They made it feel as if you are back in time with them, with wax works acting out what it was like ‘back in the day’. Highlights have to be the State Rooms and the views from the top of the castle, however walking up the 500+ stairs to get there, was NOT pleasant. It would be safe to say, Jake had a VERY moany and grumpy Amy whilst trying to get her to hurry up. I was so taken back by it all that I completely forgot I had a camera and only remembered to take pictures of the views and maybe a mirror pic ( or two ) in one of the state rooms. I would 100% recommend visiting this castle, even if history isn’t your thing.
We then decided that it was time to head home as we had a two hour journey to conquer, ordering Domino’s in the car on the way to be at the house as we got back was a fabulous idea.
I had the best couple of days away in the Cotswold and would highly recommend going here for a short relaxing break.
I would love to return in the summer to do some of the attraction thats weren’t open, and explore more areas of the Cotswolds.
I hope you liked my first blog post!
Watch out for Billie’s post new week!
Heres the video I created, filmed with my GoPro, to go along with this blog post!
Peace! x

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