I sold my place in London and moved to a village

To be honest, I had enough of living in London and wanted something different in my life. At first, I did not miss escorting at all, but I really started to miss escorting after a couple of months. Instead of going back to London, I got myself a job with West Midland escorts of https://www.westmidlandescorts.com. It is only a part time job, but I must that I really enjoy the experience of working in West Midland. Things are a little bit quieter and I do feel a lot more chilled out.   Do I regret moving out of London? I knew that I was going to miss London a little bit so I did not want to be a million miles away from London. West Midland seemed the perfect alternative. I can easily catch the train and when I have time off from West Midland escorts, I often go into London shopping. I really do like it here and I like the village that I live in. It has the most amazing beech trees and sometimes I just go and sit under them. My little village is sanctuary to me.   Nobody in the village know that I work for West Midland escorts. It is that sort of village where you will stand find the Women’s Institute and things like that. I love it and I have made some good friends in the village. My fellow villagers don’t even know that I used to work for an escorts service in London. I really don’t know what they would think of me if I let the cat out of the bag. My friends in the village are great, but they do enjoy a different lifestyle than mine. I let them get on with it and we are all friends.   Do I have any future plans? I do have future plans and I would like to become a florist. Our little village does not have a florist. I know that there would not be a lot of business, but I plan to use my earnings from West Midland escorts to pay for a florist course. Yes, I will need a little place, so I have already bought a small shop unit on the High Street. I plan to combine my floristry with restoring furniture and I think that would work pretty well. It is the sort of thing that would make me happy.   I have no plans in finding a man to get married. That is something which is in the future and not on the cards yet. At the moment my focus is on my part time job with West Midland escorts and I love the fact that I have some time to myself. It is almost like I am going through and adjustment period and I think this helps a lot. I have a lot of confidence in my future life, and I have this very sneaky suspicion that I will do well in life. Leaving outside of London is for me, and has changed me a lot. I feel a lot more grounded and calmer somehow. Perhaps it would be okay to say that my entire life has changed.

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